Boosting Innovation in Europe

S3 what isTo take up the challenge of economic modernisation, Europe needs to empower its regions and help them create value. This means fostering innovation, digitisation and decarbonisation as well as developing people’s skills. Today, the European Commission is proposing a new set of actions to help Europe’s regions in investing in their niche areas of competitive strength.


interreg_ADRION_2 funds_02_RGBCall for awarding supporting services and technical assistance for the functions of the ADRION Audit Authority

The ADRION Audit Authority seeks service support and technical assistance in carrying out its functions.

The service covers the audit activity related mainly to system audits, audits of operations and audits of the accounts. It is also required to provide support in drawing up annual control reports and management of meetings of the Group of Auditors, composed of representatives of eight Partner States.

Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is 18/09/2017; h: 12:00 (CET).


ADRION Monitoring Committee approved under conditions 35 projects

MC members photo 5th meeetingOn 10 May 2017, the ADRION Monitoring Committee approved under conditions 35 projects, which have passed the quality assessment of the first call for proposals. The selected projects will be now subject to further checks before the final approval. All lead applicants will be notified via ADRION eMS soon.


The list of approved under conditions projects can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

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