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Sumlab is an informal, people based people-based, bottom-up and non-institutional, event with a focus on experimental learning and exchanges/networking in an informal setting dedicated to EU communicators at a programme and project level. Sumlab is going to take place in Cesena, a lovely medieval town close to Milan and Bologna, from the 23rd to the 25th of September.  Three days of labs, pitches, study visits, social events to share knowledge and ideas and a third day to exchange views with experts and institutional representatives.

Dragos Bucurenci Communication strategist and coach, former Communication Adviser to the European Commissioner for Regional Policy will ignite the debate.

Dorothee Fischer, communication expert and trainer will hold a lab on the use of images, copyleft and dbs. Chiara Ricci a researcher of the Italian Open Cohesion Project will talk about the use of Open Data, Kaspars Ruklis communication expert and trainer is proposing a lab on data visualization and Laura Bononcini Head of Public Policy Italy of Facebook will teach us how build a strong social reputation.

SumLab is the perfect place for ideas, inspiration, sharing for a better and more effective communication.

Sumlab 2015 is promoted by Cultura Lavoro and the Italian Department for European Affairs of the Presidency together with Formez and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini.