Regional Competition Index 2016

Want to know where your region stands in terms of regional competition? Check the latest study on Regional Competition Index (RCI) for 263 EU regions. The study provides useful insights into improving regional economic performance, where you can find an interactive web tool allowing you a more detailed analysis and comparison of each region.

The RCI study extends the traditional analysis of competitiveness from a purely economic measure to include social elements taking into account the development of a region by moving the attention from more basic issues to innovation related factors.

Added value of macro-regional strategies

Do macro-regional strategies make a difference? The report supported by Interact provides valuable understanding for the programmes and projects when linked to a macro-regional strategy. It discusses what various programmes can gain from financing projects and initiatives of macro-regional importance from programme and project perspective.

The report presents also overall conclusions and recommendations on how the added value of macro-regional strategies for programmes and projects can be increased. Read the Report