Panorama magazine features ARIEL, the ADRION funded project on small scale fisheries and aquaculture

The summer edition of Panorama, the quarterly magazine of the European Commission dedicated to the European regional policy, has just published an article on the benefits and achievements of INTERREG transnational projects. It’s an eight page section that showcases INTERREG projects tackling joint challenges in different sectors, spanning environmental risks, enegy efficency, mobility and enterprenourship. Thanks to their transnational dimension, Interreg projects funded under transnational Programmes bring together people from public and private organisations from different countries to respond on matters of joint concern.

This is also the case of ARIEL, an ADRION funded project aimed at increasing the synergies between fish operators and scientific organisations to increase knowledge and boost competitivness in the sector of small scale fishery and acquaculture. ARIEL works with partners on both sides of the Adriatic Sea to empower operators of the sector by organizing brokering events with trade associations, and scientific organisations and by developing a network to promote joint initiatives and inform consumers on seafood sustainability. A Joint Research Agenda and a Chart of Innovation Services will be also endorsed by the project to address the future major challenges of the region.

Besides ARIEL, the magazine section provides visibility to other projects in different areas of Europe which have found out solutions to prevent forest fires, boost enerpreneurship and improve energy efficiency in private houses.

You can read here the summer issue of the Panorama Magazine, including the article on ARIEL at page. 11.