In the context of the global health emergency, ADRION Managing Authority provides the following information for ensuring project implementation.

In this regard, we are addressing some issues you may need to deal with and find out together possible alternative solutions.

As a general recommendation, we suggest that you keep the communication with your partners active through online meetings in order to discuss and plan your project’s activities. Take advantage of free online platforms for videoconference and document sharing in order to ease as much as possible communication and compensate meetings’ cancellation. Indeed, COVID 19 health emergency may affect and impact heavily on your project activities, but we encourage you to keep your schedule ongoing and continue work on the project implementation.

If you have used financial resources for scheduled activities which had to be cancelled due to the health emergency, they can be accounted as eligible. In order to consider such expenditure as eligible, it is however required to provide all the necessary evidence to controllers in charge of verifying that all conditions below are fulfilled:

a) the expenditure refers to an activity foreseen in the Application Form of the project or authorised by the Joint Secretariat;

b) the expenditure is referred to an activity which was cancelled or not attended – if organised by third parties – due to the need of minimizing the risks associated to COVID 19 and/or following an express travel ban by public institutions/and or institutions of the lead partners/project partners;

c) the expenditure has been paid by the beneficiary and evidence is provided;

d) all possible means to obtain a reimbursement have been set in place by the beneficiary and evidence is provided (through e.g.: copies of sent communications, copies of web screen shots of travel companies where information on reimbursement is provided etc.);

e) evidence on the eventual reimbursement/partial reimbursement received is provided.


If you need the Joint Secretariat support, it is available to reply to all your questions on a case-by-case basis respecting the general framework illustrated by above-mentioned conditions.

Although remotely, the Joint Secretariat is fully operational and you may send an email to your project officer or to our general inbox at