ADRION Thematic Sub-cluster on Waste Management and reduction of Pollution Diffusion

This Thematic Cluster focuses on circular economy in its broader definition, on resource use following the 3-R approach:

  • Reduce (minimum use of raw materials)
  • Reuse (maximum reuse of products and components)
  • Recycle (high quality reuse of raw materials)



The sub-cluster includes the following projects:

On 16 May the Sub-Cluster was presented in the framework of the 7th EUSAIR Forum by Marco Affronte, Project Manager of the Circle Project. The event’s session was attended by 60 participants. Affronte explained the joint work the three projects are carrying on to actively contribute to the Eusair Strategy. The Sub-cluster is currently working to reach the following aims:

  • Enhancing coordination among stakeholders, regions, countries, in emergency issues related to marine pollution, waste management (particularly from ports);
  • Improving waste management by reducing waste flows, making waste a resource in a circular economy model. Improving waste management helps to reduce waste flows to the sea;
  • Raising awareness among public and private stakeholders about the importance of preventing waste to flow to the sea and rivers, in general and from the industrial port areas;
  • Exchanging of knowledge about policies and best practices between EU and non-EU decision makers, in order to obtain a transnational improvement in the Adriatic-Ionian region.