17th May 2022

ADRION’s Annual Event at the 7th EUSAIR Forum:

How did it go?

The 7th EUSAIR Forum successfully concluded. Youth, EU Enlargement, and solidarity were the most highlighted topics. The Interreg ADRION Programme was part of this important event and contributed with the showcase of best practices and solutions on greenmobility and energy. We have enhanced the results of funded projects dealing with new mobility needs in regions and cities, and we explored how projects have found innovative solutions for cooling buildings using sea water, improving efficiency and innovation in ports and allowing for the safe use of LNG.

The event was attended by 60 people onsite.

Transnational cooperation plays a pivotal role in empowering organisations and increasing trust among regions.

Natural resources are not unlimited, that’s why we constantly need to innovate

Ilir Beqaj
Ilir BeqajGeneral Director, State Agency for Strategic Programming and Assistance Coordination

The new IPA ADRION Programme will be one of the greenest territorial cooperation programmes with more than 60% of resources devoted to environment.

Giuseppe Di Paola
Giuseppe Di Paola Coordinator of EUSAIR – Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (EC DG REGIO)

The cooperation among the 8 ADRION Partner States is marked by the word “sustainability”, as all our funded projects reaching the number of 81 to date, look at bringing solutions to ease the green transition in the Adriatic Ionian region.

Lodovico Gherardi
Lodovico GherardiADRION Managing Authority