Interreg ADRION  takes all necessary measures to protect the EU’s financial interests, specifically by preventing, detecting and correcting fraud. In order to successfully combat fraud, the ADRION  Managing Authority has a structured approach to tackling fraud. There are four key elements in the anti-fraud cycle: prevention, detection, correction and prosecution.

The mixture of a detailed fraud risk assessment, adequate preventative and detective measures, as well as coordinated and timely investigations by competent bodies can significantly reduce the fraud risk as well as provide adequate deterrence against fraud.

In respect of expenditure, fraud is defined as any intentional act or omission relating to:

  • the use or presentation of false, incorrect or incomplete statements or documents, which has as its effect the misappropriation or wrongful retention of funds from the general budget of the European Communities or budgets managed by, or on behalf of the European Communities;
  • non-disclosure of information in violation of a specific obligation, with the same effect;
  • the misapplication of such funds for purposes other than those for which they were originally granted.”
    (OJ C 316, 27.11.1995, p. 49.: Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union)

This programme is committed to zero tolerance to fraud. Any interested party can report a fraudulent behavior to the ADRION Managing Authority.

Report suspected fraudulent behaviour