Support for Applicants

The Interreg ADRION programme assists potential applicants and project partners through a Joint Secretariat and network of National Contact Points present in each Partner State of the programme. For any information about the programme, please contact the Joint Secretariat at the following email:

To receive information in the national language, interested parties may also address their respective National Contact Points for first-hand information on tools and institutions operating at national level, e.g. first level controllers, contribution of additional national contribution to funded operations.

Their contacts can be found here.

Present your project idea

Applicants who would like to discuss their project ideas with the Joint Secretariat can submit it using the form provided below and send it to:

For any additional clarification, the Joint Secretariat also offers individual consultations. Applicants and partners who wish to do so are invited to book an appointment in advance.

Find partners and share your ideas

ADRION supports the creation of relevant transnational partnerships. For this purpose, it has created three partner-search groups via LinkedIn, where potential applicants can present their organisations and project ideas.



ADRION electronic Monitoring System (eMS) is the on-line programme tool that allows the online submission of project proposals, and in case of project approval, the online submission of reporting by the beneficiaries. eMS collects and store all the necessary project and programme information and communicates with beneficiaries electronically via a secure online communication portal.

How to use ADRION eMS

Before accessing ADRION eMS, you are kindly invited to read the ADRION eMS Technical Guidance to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. ADRION eMS can be accessed with the last or penultimate version of the most common browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari).

Please note that you need to have a web browser installed on your computer or another electronic device to access to ADRION eMS. If you do not have a browser installed, download one of them from the following websites:

The browser Firefox is strongly recommended. Watch this short tutorial on how to log in to ADRION eMS.

For any questions about using ADRION eMS, please address the helpdesk: 0039 051 527-5165/8886/8013 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00, or write to