The Joint Secretariat provides information to applicants about funding opportunities, deals with project applications, and assists beneficiaries in implementing their projects. It ensures the project selection is equitable and transparent, collects and elaborates data for programme monitoring, and coordinates and promotes programme events at a transnational level.

It also assists the Managing Authority and the Monitoring Committee in carrying out their tasks.

General Contacts

Viale Aldo Moro, 30 – Bologna (Italy)
Tel: +39 051 527 8886

Barbara Di Piazza

Head of Joint Secretariat

Lucia Calliari

Project Officer

Adela Franja

Project Officer

Evangelia Karpodini

Finance Officer

Marco Zecchinato

Finance Officer

Jelena Kolić

IPA Officer

Giulia Frattini

Communications Officer

Valentina Pavoni

Administrative Officer