SUCCESSFULLY HELD THE ADRION Programme Day at Port of Bar – Montenegro

On 1st October the Port of Bar (Montenegro) hosted the event ADRION Programme day, an important initiative organised with the aim to present the results and actions developed under the projects funded by the ADRION Programme.

The event was opened by the welcoming words of Mr. Deda Đelović, Deputy Executive Director of Port of Bar, who thanked all the participants and institutions for their presence and introduced the role of the Port of Bar as partner of several ADRION funded projects. Mr Đelović also thanked the European Integration Office for their support. The event was an opportunity for the invitees to actively partake in the discussion and exchange information on how to best implement international projects under the umbrella of Interreg.

Mr. Miodrag Račeta, Head of the Department for European Territorial Cooperation (European Integration Office – Government of Montenegro) reported on the overall participation of Montenegrin partners in ADRION funded projects, stressing out the successful implementation of the projects to which “Port of Bar” H.Co. is contributing.

9 ADRION projects, which are successfully being implemented in various spheres, have been presented:

  • ARIEL – Promoting small scale fisheries and aquaculture transnational networking in Adriatic-Ionian microregion (Institute of Marine Biology)
  • SUPAIR – Sustainable Ports in the Adriatic-Ionian region (“Port of Bar” H.Co.)
  • MultiAPPRO – Multidisciplinary approach and solutions to development of intermodal transport in region (“Port of Bar” H.Co.)
  • ISTEN – Integrated and Sustainable Transport in Efficient Network (“Port of Bar” H.Co.)
  • SHIPmEnTT – StrentHening Intellectual Property and technology transfer processes in green sea mobiliTy secTors (Chamber of Economy Montenegro)
  • HarmoNIA – Harmonization and Networking for contaminant assessment in the Ionian and Adriatic Seas (Institute of Marine Biology)
  • ADRIPASS – Integrating multimodal connections in the Adriatic-Ionian region (“Port of Bar” H.Co.
  • Inter-Connect – Intermodality Promotion and Rail Renaissance in Adriatic-Ionian Region (“Port of Bar” H.Co.)
  • NEWBRAIN – Nodes enhancing Waterway bridging Adriatic-Ionian Network (“Port of Bar” H.Co.)

One from IT-ALB-MNE Programme:

  • CROSS BORDER OL (ITA-ALB-MNE) (Municipality of Bar)

And one funded by Ministry of Science of Montenegro:

  • ProDATA – Support for the development of physical oceanography and sea database for the coastal area of Montenegro (Institute of Marine Biology)

In addition, the meeting was attended by the director of Toursim Organisation of Bar and representatives of Toursim Organisation of Herceg Novi. All projects have been presented by the partner institution giving a general overview of the main activities, findings and results. Each presentation included also specific goals achieved by partner presenting the project and the consortium of the project.

ADRION Programme Day was a great chance for the present institutions to develop important connections and possible synergies in the future, but more importantly, it served as a platform for knowledge-exchange by presenting all the results of actions taken by ADRION funded projects.