SUPER LNG selected for the Interreg 30 years exhibition. Visit the online exhibition and look at the e-book

ADRION is proud to be part of the virtual exhibition organised on the 30 years anniversary of Interreg. In this virtual exhibition you will understand why Interreg is at the heart of the European spirit and how it encourages regions and countries to tackle challenges they can solve only by working together.

SUPER LNG was selected to be part of the online tour in the section dedicated to “A Greener Europe”, focused on sustainable projects in the field of biodiversity, sustainable transport and green economy.

Besides the virtual exhibition, in the website dedicated to the 30 years anniversary, you will be able to listen to the podcasts related to Interreg stories around Europe and be informed about the next events at EU and regional level.

Visit the online exhibition

E-book version (SUPER LNG at page 31)

Super LNG