“From good data to good decisions” – HarmoNIA presents its project results

The 6th HarmoNIA Stakeholders Workshop was held on 18th  June 2020. It was the last of a series of workshops aiming to communicate and discuss HarmoNIA results on marine contaminants management, with a broad range of stakeholders from the ADRION region. The online event “gathered” 39 participants from Ministries, Municipalities, SMEs and environmental agencies as well as NGOs.

The major HarmoNIA outcomes presented at the meeting are the two project strategies:

  1. A Strategy for an harmonized monitoring and assessment of contaminants in the marine environment
  2. A Strategy for a shared and harmonized evaluation of the risk due to contaminant dispersion from different sources of pollution

The workshop represented the opportunity to illustrate the HarmoNIA initiative for a Transnational Network of Institutions with the aim of sharing expertise and information on harmonization of monitoring of contaminants in the marine environment, data management and visualization. Participants were invited to join the HarmoNIA network in order to act jointly towards a sustainable use of marine resources.

To know more about the results of the project click on this link and check out all the presentations held during the event.

The risk index maps we produced are not official maps and depend on the information available. We produced an approach, a methodology towards assessing the  risk. The more information is shared the better the analysis can be

Marina Lipizer, HarmoNIA coordinator

Our aim is to make the HarmoNIA Geoportal live after the project. If other stakeholders have particular interest for an area it would be a great opportunity to test this methodology at new sites with new layers of information. May be also in synergy with other projects.

Donata Melaku-Canu, HarmoNIA participant