Contribute to beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places

To accelerate the green transition, contribute to the recovery and to ensure a better living together for all, we have to capitalise on the existing wealth of knowledge, experience and capacities as much as to call for new visions, new ideas and new solutions. The 2021 Prizes will be part of and represent the culmination of the first phase of the New European Bauhaus, which is focused on design and engagement. They will recognize and celebrate existing achievements and support the younger generation to further develop emerging concepts and ideas. They will give visibility to examples and concepts that illustrate how the triangle of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion has already been translated in our territories, our communities and in our practices, or that pave the way to the future.

To reflect the participatory dimension of the design phase of the New European Bauhaus, the selection process for the prizes will involve a public voting by the subscribers to the New European Bauhaus newsletter, as well as an evaluation by the New European Bauhaus official partners.

10 different categories are established for existing examples or new ideas and concepts that manifest the New European Bauhaus values and will serve as inspiration for the New European Bauhaus.

In each of the ten categories, two parallel competition strands are established:

 Strand A: “New European Bauhaus Awards” will be devoted to existing completed examples and

 Strand B: “New European Bauhaus Rising Stars” will be devoted to concepts or ideas submitted by young talents aged 30 or less.

All the preselected project examples and concepts/ideas will be given visibility before the final selection on the designated New European Bauhaus website (see below). In addition to a monetary amount, each winner of a prize will benefit from a media partnership provided by the Commission for dedicated communication activities. In each strand, the winners in the ten categories will receive their prize at an official ceremony held by the European Commission.