ADRION Thematic Sub-cluster on Risk Prevention and Disaster Resiliance

This Thematic Cluster focuses on risk prevention and disaster resilience. All involved projects will jointly work on common key tools (e.g. database, vulnerability analysis tools, impacts catalogues, etc.) with the aim to improve the risk prevention and increase disaster resilience in the Adriatic Ionian area. The Thematic Cluster will further develop project proposals based on the analysis of the bottlenecks addressing the entire disaster management cycle and contributing to the implementation of the EUSAIR strategy towards a more resilient Europe.



First meeting of the ADRION Thematic Cluster – Risk Prevention and Disaster Resilience

On Tuesday 20th July MUHA partner met online with its sub-cluster partners TRANSCPEARLYWARNING and ADRISEIEMIC for the first meeting of the Thematic Cluster Risk prevention and disaster resilience. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a better understanding of the individual project’s expected outcomes and identify an overall SWOT analysis for the cluster.

The sub-cluster is composed of the following projects: