4th Restricted Call for Proposals: facts and figures

This article provides with an overview of the key preliminary data regarding the 4th restricted Call for Proposals, including information on the more represented countries and stakeholders, most popular topics and the available financial resources for the next selected projects.

On 15th October, the Adrion Programme received 20 project proposals submitted through the Programme’s electronic Monitoring System (eMS), i.e.: 63% out of total potential beneficiaries.

The 4th restricted Call for Proposals was aimed to further upgrade project results, as well as to mitigate and overcome the negative effects produced by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, which partly prevented the wide spreading of projects’ outcomes at territorial level and to relevant stakeholders. The Call addressed all Programme thematic Priority Axes, namely PA1 Smart Region, PA2 Sustainable Region and PA 3 Connected Region.

Here below the number of project proposals submitted and the share of each topic.

Preliminary data show the participation of 123 applicants (including lead, project, and associated partners), where 88% are public bodies and 22% are private institutions. Most of the applications were submitted equally by lead applicants located in Italy and Greece. As far as IPA Partner States are concerned, Albania is the most represented country, followed by Serbia. Here below an overview of potential beneficiaries according to their location.

The overall EU budget is of ca. MEUR 5,6; received candidatures asked for ca MEUR 2,74 EU contribution.

The submitted applications will undergo eligibility checks and full quality assessment in the next month, further to that the best transnational projects will be approved for funding by the Monitoring Committee and start to implement their activities.

Background information on the 4th Restricted Call for Proposals

The Adrion Programme launched the opening of the 4th restricted Call for Proposals on 23rd September 2021 through a targeted online event organised on 27th September. Applicants were asked to design project proposals allowing to reach the following goals:

  1. Increase awareness among potential beneficiaries, stakeholders and interested institutions on the role of European Territorial Cooperation to increase cohesion.
  2. Promote the project outcomes and results to national/regional/ level.
  3. Promote the practical use, relevance, and transferability of project outcomes (e.g.: tools, apps, strategies etc) to potential beneficiaries (eventually in cooperation with ADRION National Contact Points).
  4. Provide first-hand information on managing and implementing European projects to future potential beneficiaries (eventually in cooperation with ADRION National Contact Points).

Selected projects will implement their activities across a six-months period.

Look at the Call’s dedicated page to learn more: https://www.adrioninterreg.eu/index.php/call-for-proposals/4th-restricted-call-for-proposals-is-now-open/