ADRION Thematic Sub-cluster on Cultural and Creative Industries

This Thematic Cluster focuses on the emerging sector of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs). The sector seeks to empower public and private actors through innovation-based initiatives in the field of creativity. The Thematic Cluster will further work on:

  • Greener, digital and resilient creative and cultural European economy based on the application of new digital distribution formats
  • New forms of cultural experience and new economic models with high market potential
  • Engagement of private actors of the CCIs sector widely involved in Adriatic-Ionian area

As we go through a pandemic and from time to time lockdowns, digitalization has become a growing need for businesses outside of major metropolitan areas to represent themselves and reach people. From a business perspective, the future crisis resistance of the CCIs, strongly depends on their way of doing business, the degree of digital innovation, the set-up of new collaborations, the re-thinking of relationships with audiences and customers and the development of new revenue models. The networking activities also will let to inflame the debate among key actors of cultural and creative tourism chain allowing to capitalize on the experiences gained and the results achieved within the projects included in this Thematic Cluster.

The Cluster involves  3 projects and 27 organizations with partners based in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


The sub-cluster is composed of the following projects:

Joint Outputs

Partners and stakeholders of all three projects signed a Memorandum of Understanding among public and private actors of the cultural and creative sector of the Adriatic-Ionian area. Through the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), its members formalise the successful constitution of the “ADRION Observatory for Culture and Tourism sectors”. The Observatory is established based on the experiences and the best practices gained by the 3 projects. It represents a baseline for improved actions to be jointly developed beyond projects’ duration on the basis of the territorial needs. The ADRION Observatory supports synergies between projects.

Policy Paper with recommendations and follow-up for influencing
the policy debate on cultural heritage assets management widely
conceived as tangible and intangible assets. The aim of the Paper is to provide decision makers operating at different levels within the ADRION Region with new strategic tools and policy recommendations to better support CCIs. The PPs developed five Policy recommendations for the CCIs sector, such as:
1. Guarantee stable and fair conditions for workers in the CCI sector
2. Support for training, education and the use of innovative technologies
3. Sustain new enterprises, business acceleration, new business models
4. Support networks and aggregations of CCIs actors
5. Developing infrastructures for CCIs sector.

Events and living labs

After the first touchpoints in November, CREATURES, EMOUNDERGROUNDS and CCI4TOURISM met again on December 2nd with the aim to improve networking for CCI enterprises.
The meeting has been coordinated by the Metropolitan City of Bologna, Lead Partner of CREATURES project and hosted online by the Regional development agency Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
During the meeting, the Policy Paper arrangement has been finalized and Laboratories for the design of new project proposals to be funded under the EC Programming Period 2021-2027 were launched.

The representatives of ADRION projects EMOUNDERGROUNDS, CCI4TOURISM and CREATURES met online on November 9th, 2021, which was the first meeting of the Thematic Cluster. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a better understanding of the expected project outcomes and discuss the policies in preparation for the Policy Paper on cultural heritage assets management widely conceived as tangible and intangible assets.