ADRION Thematic Sub-cluster on Emerging Destinations

This Thematic Cluster focuses on the promotion of emerging destinations of the Adriatic and Ionian area. Emerging destinations aren’t necessarily undiscovered places, more often they are part of new itineraries based on thematic travels aimed to discover local traditions and cultures. The Cluster aims at presenting new routes where new destinations and intangible cultural heritage are central.


The sub-cluster is composed of the following projects:

Macroregional event of Thematic ADRION Cluster – Cross-fertilization between ADRION projects WOOL, TANGRAM and ADRIONET

On 20th October 2022, WOOL project organized the Macro-regional event of the ADRION Thematic Cluster “Promotion of emerging destinations” dedicated to the Sustainable Tourism and Emerging Touristic Destinations. The 2 day-event took place in Matera and represented an opportunity to discuss the main concepts of sustainable development from a strategic point of view in the European and local policies, with some concrete examples of local strategies and plans for sustainable development; moreover, particto good practices were showcased, especially for rural mountainous areas and coastal ones. The first day conclued with a study visit to some realities of the territory which therefore constitute good experiences of relaunching and enhancing rural areas.

This ADRION Macro-regional event dealt primarily on knowledge transfer of what it is intended and developed in the field of “sustainability”, as a paradigm now entered in the daily life of our European and International societies, as a key for understanding economic, environmental and social development as lasting and respectful of natural resources.