A Webinar on the Capitalisation of results within the MED area

27th January – online

The processes of capitalisation of results among Interreg Programmes in the Mediterranean area

On 27th January three Interreg Programmes from the Med area gather to discuss about capitalisation of results. The event provides with the opportunity to examine the evolution of the concept of capitalisation within Interreg Programmes and stimulate the discussion with relevant actors, Managing Authorities, experts and project beneficiaries.

The event comes following a study initiated in 2020 and carried out by the Italian National Contact Points of the Interreg MED, ENI CBC MED and Interreg ADRION programmes on capitalisation of project results. The analysis, almost getting to its final stage, aims to promote the integration of resources, improve governance capacities and direct possible synergies towards the new programming period 2021-27 and its main challenges, such as the European Green Deal.

The meeting will be held on line on 27 January 2022 from 9:30 to 13:00, spanning to three main topics:

  • the contribution of the projects and the role of the National Contact Points in the processes of capitalisation and integration of results at the Italian level;
  • the contribution of MED strategic projects to the processes of capitalisation of results and the lessons learned from the Panoramed project;
  • the future period 2021-2027 through the guidelines for the coordination between Interreg Programmes in the Mediterranean area.

The webinar will be held in Italian.

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