ADRION’s contribution to the EU Green Deal

Experiences of Renewables & Energy efficiency

and Green Mobility practices in the Adriatic-Ionian area

May 17, 15.00 – 17.15 

Meeting Room: “The Standard” Venue 

Maritim Hotel Plaza, Tirana

Once again, ADRION will be part of the Programme of the next EUSAIR Forum, this time reaching its 7th edition and finally happening on site. ADRION will join the event with the conference ADRION’s contribution to the EU Green Deal: Experiences of renewables & Energy efficiency and green mobility practices in the Adriatic-Ionian area” that will be held on 17th May from 15 to 17.15 hrs. The event will shed light on the contribution and added value of the Programme in fostering and supporting the development of low-carbon societies and economies.
The Adrion Programme seeks to support the green transition following the targets set by the EU Green Deal, not exclusively through its funding scheme, but through collaborative models like thematic clusters and projects partnerships, which stimulate synergies among beneficiaries at the transnational level. The event will show this collaborative framework by focusing on two topics which play a vital role for the green transition: green mobility on one side, renewable energies & energy efficiency on the other.

15.00 – 16.00 Session on Green mobility
The European Green Deal includes a target to reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050. This session showcases the work and achievements of a group of projects which are currently developing solutions to ensure the transition to cleaner, greener, and smarter mobility. The session will feature speakers from four projects dealing with smart and intermodal mobility, electromobility, as well as sustainable mobility for the tourism sector.

Video contributions and testimonials will give insights on pilot cases and on-site solutions developed in the area.

16.10 – 17.10 Session on renewable energy and energy efficiency
Emissions related to energy can be significantly reduced with technologies which use renewable energy sources and have high efficiency, providing substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy. The session will feature speakers from three projects dealing with heating and cooling systems through seawater heat pumps, energy efficiency in ports, and Liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a transition fuel on the path to clean energy production. Video contributions and testimonials will give insights on pilot cases and on-site solutions developed in the area.


15.00 Welcoming Introduction

Lodovico Gherardi (ADRION Programme)

Giuseppe Di Paola, European Commission, DG Regio

Panel on Smart and sustainable mobility

15.10 – 15.15 Moderator Introduction by Ulf Wikström, Interact

Panel discussion

  • Glykeria Myrovali, Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), Greece
    Evis Plaku, Regional Council of Berat, Albania
  • Pierluigi Coppola, Department of Mechanical Engineering – Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
    Project TRIBUTE
  • Nenad Popovic, Regional economic development agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje, Kragujevac, Serbia
    Project ENERMOB

16.10 – 16.20 Break

Panel on renewable energy and energy efficiency

16.20 – 16.25 Moderator Introduction by Bledar Aliaj, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in Albania

Panel discussion

  • Neven Duic, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Croatia
  • Inva Nela, Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI), Albania
    Project POWER PLUS
  • Olga Aneziri, National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”, Greece
    Dimitrios Spyrou, Port of Piraeus, Greece (online)
    Project SUPER LNG

17.15 Conclusions

Ilir Beqaj, General Director, State Agency for Strategic Programming and Assistance Coordination