Authentic Villages: Hidden treasures to be revealed

In the Adriatic-Ionian region one discovers pieces of paradise in small villages located in remarkable beautiful places between mountains, lakes or rivers. Those treasures are part of the social, cultural and environmental value of the region, especially due to their local micro-stories mirroring the richness in terms of traditions and history. 

However, those villages remain often -metaphorically and literally- hidden in hills, rural peripheral or marginal areas, facing the risk of depopulation and abandonment. The Interreg ADRION project ADRIONET aims to overcome their current marginalization through joint activities and actions carried out with the aim of enhancing their cultural capital and support their promotion in the tourism sector.

To respond to the challenges of current marginalization, fragmentation and under-valorisation of these territories, ADRIONET has established:

  • Transnational Network of “Authentic Villages” with the role to promote social, environmental and economical sustainability of these areas with a specific emphasis on the preservation of landscapes and on the attraction of visitors
  • Local pilot actions and visits to the villages to raise awareness about the value of the territories
  • Authentic village platform where partners collect documents and information concerning topics such as integrated territorial enhancement, regeneration of rivers, lake basins, or marginal and peripheral areas. Find out more about the platform:

ADRIONET partners organized meetings in the authentic villages of each territory in order to implement a set of actions defined jointly with local stakeholders. Addressed actions concerned both improvement to the physical conditions of these places (such as low consumption of public lighting, recovery of rainwater for domestic use and irrigation), and promotion to the local businesses, cultural and artistic handicraft. Activites involved all local actors working in the sector of hospitality, accommodation and tourism at large. Moreover, a special focus was given to youth enterpreneurship.