Interreg IPA ADRION Programme successfully adopted by the European Commission

On 30th November the European Commission has successfully approved the Interreg IPA ADRION Programme for 2021-2027. We are excited to officially start the 2021-2027 programming period!

The Programme will cover an area of more than 70 million inhabitants, across the two shores of the Adriatic Ionian Seas and stretching over the Dinaric Alps. Compared to 2014-2020, the cooperation area will be extended to two additional countries (North Macedonia and the Republic of San Marino), reaching 10 partner states. The presence of a mix of EU and non-EU countries will contribute to set in place the framework conditions to strengthen effective cooperation and provide a constructive contribution to the enlargement process. Moreover, the Programme will perfectly align with the perimeter of the EU strategy of the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR).

For the coming years, the Programme’s budget accounts for 160 million Euros, with an EU contribution of 136 million euros. Within the future funding scheme, green policy will play a major role, with 54% of the total allocations targeting environmental topics, including climate change adaptation, biodiversity, and circular economy. The rest of the resources will be covering innovation (29%), sustainable mobility (9%), and the support to the EUSAIR governance (8%).

The Programme IPA ADRION builds on the heritage of the Programme, which have benefitted more than 500 organizations, thanks to the funding of 87 transnational projects under the ADRION Programme. The knowledge generated by the projects working on similar development topics has produced joint solutions, pilots, strategies, and action plans in a variety of sectors ranging from innovation up to transport and environment. This cooperation has improved policies and strategies and more importantly, increased awareness around relevant topics like circular economy, sustainable tourism, green mobility, and marine protection. Thanks to the capital already generated in 2014-2020, the new funding scheme of the Programme will be able to tackle strategically a set of targeted objectives, as follows:

  • Strengthening innovation capacities
  • Supporting skills development
  • Enhancing resilience to climate change, natural and man-made disasters
  • Supporting circular economy development
  • Supporting environment preservation and protection
  • Supporting sustainable multimodal urban mobility
  • Strengthening a carbon neutral smart mobility
  • Supporting the Governance of the Adriatic-Ionian region

The topics are also in synergy with the recent developments of EU policy and interventions, including mainstream and Interreg programmes, the EU Green Deal, as well as the new European Bauhaus.

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Please note that a new website for the IPA ADRION Programme will be online in the next months. In the meanwhile, please still consult the website to be informed about the previous and current programming period.