Guidelines for Partners

Programme Manual for Priority Axes 1-3

Version 2.0 March 2016

The Programme Manual intends to give guidance to potential beneficiaries interested in submitting project applications in the framework of the first call for proposals, open to Priority Axes 1, 2 and 3.

The present document does not replace the legal framework upon which the Programme has been drafted: applicants are warmly advised to carefully read the Cooperation Programme (CP) and the other legal documents mentioned in the Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions – First Call for project proposals

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the first call for project proposals explains most interesting topics about the programme in general and the content of the call.

Monthly accounting rate of the euro and conversion rate

Project Information and Communications Guidelines for beneficiaries

Communication activities are important to promote your project’s activities and to raise awareness of the EU-funded projects. ADRION Programme project-holders should comply to a series of communication and visibility requirements that you will find under this section.