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Citizen’s Summary

Citizen’s Summary sums up useful information about the programme and annual implementation reports. While the programme is described in detail in the Cooperation programme and Programme Manual, annual implementation reports provide key information on the implementation of the programme and its priorities, describing the activities carried out, as well as explaining the financial figures and indicators met.


Interreg ADRION First Call ParticipationFirst Call for Proposals in Figures – Participation

The first call for project proposals was opened on 1 February 2016 to 25 March 2016. Around EUR 33 million of Union contributions was made available, of which EUR 28 million was ERDF funding and EUR 5 million was IPAII funding.

The programme received 378 project proposals, for a total request of EUR 414 million of Union contributions;  applicants coming from ERDF Partner States (Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia) asked for EUR 341 million from the ERDF, while applicants coming from IPA Partner States (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) asked for EUR 73 million from the IPAII fund.

Media Toolkit

ADRION Programme has just released its new brochure providing general information on the Programme’s activities and showcasing some of its most representative projects funded under the 1st Call for Proposals.